The Process of Getting Child Support in Washington Indiana

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Being a single parent is a very difficult and financially draining situation. Filing for child support can help you make ends meet and provide for your child properly. The following are a few steps in the process of trying to obtain Child Support Washington Indiana.

Child Support Case

The first thing that you will need to do is file a child support case with your local Department of Human Resources. There will be an application fee associated with this process, but this is necessary if you want to get child support. Some states will allow you to fill out the paperwork online, so just check and see if this is applicable where you live.

Locate the Non-Custodial Parent

The next step will involve the Department of Child Services trying to find the non-custodial parent who is to pay the child support. They have to establish a living and working address for the other party, in order to start collecting the Child Support Washington Indiana. If you do not know where the other parent is, it can take months even years for you to start collecting the child support. In some cases, the parents will purposely avoid being found because they do not want to provide for the child. Some states have dead beat parent laws that apply to these types of individuals and if caught, the person will be thrown in jail for months even years.

Establishing Paternity

Before you can legally get child support for the other party, a paternity test will have to be performed. If you were not married to the father of your child when they were born, the father will be made a legal guardian by proving paternity and receiving a court order. If the person is unwilling to take the paternity test, you will be able to get an affidavit that may force the party to take the test.

You will need to seek legal representation during this process, so be sure to call the Feavel Law Office for their assistance. They are experienced in cases such as this and can help you retain the child support you so desperately need. Click Here for more information on how they can help you.

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