Procedures Followed By Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer In Grand Haven


Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer Grand Haven are your first point of contact following the arrival of emergency services on the scene of an accident. It is necessary to consult an attorney when you are injured to ensure that proper procedures are followed by the individual who caused your accident. If these procedures are not followed, and the individual fails to pay for your medical expenses you have an actionable claim against them for compensation.

Procedures Following a Motorcycle Accident

Emergency services are called along with law enforcement at any time that a motorcycle accident occurs. During the process, law enforcement officials record information related to the accident. This includes the events that led up to the accident. In some cases, an investigation is needed. In these occurrences, you are required to acquire a copy of the police report from this agency when the investigation is concluded.

Providing Insurance Information

Anyone who is involved in the accident is required to provide insurance information to the law enforcement official. The individual who is at fault is supposed to provide the other drivers with information related to his or her insurance to ensure that they are able to file a claim for injuries or property damage. Each individual involved is required to provide this information and the accident report to their respective insurance companies.

Filing a Claim

There will file a claim against the individual who was at fault in the event that he or she failed to process a claim with their insurance company. This claim will require a trial unless the insurance company chooses to settle out of court. In the event of a settlement, the insurance company must provide enough compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident.

The Personal Injury Trial

Insurance companies that refuse to settle must appear in court to answer your personal injury claim. During this appearance, your attorney will present information related to your injuries to the judge presiding over the case. He or she will listen to the arguments of both sides before making a final decision. The judge will review all documentation that is presented from both parties.
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