Private security for your home

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Security

Security is a big consideration for both business owners and homeowners alike nowadays. It is a sign of our times that more burglaries and robberies are taking place so more people are enlisting the services of security companies. The remit of these companies is large and anyone interested in their services should contact a specialist security company in Bristol, UK for further advice. The safety of our homes and businesses is paramount and even though a break in may take only minutes the effects can last for years and leave people feeling insecure in their own premises.

Security Patrols

Conscientious homeowners will often install alarms, CCTV cameras and security lights in an attempt to secure their properties. Whilst these measures are effective, they do not compare to having a physical presence monitoring your home. People may not realise but security firms do not only provide this type of service to businesses but they will also provide it for your home. It would not be cost effective to have a security guard permanently stationed at your home but mobile patrols are used by many people to keep an eye on their houses. These types of patrol provide a high visibility presence at your home and act as a deterrent to potential thieves. They can be scheduled to check your homes on a regular basis or as you require. For example, you may want your house checked during the day while you are at work or when you are away on holiday.

Appointed key holders

Security companies also provide a service to individuals where they will be designated key holders for their properties. This allows them to respond to any incident at a residential address. For example, an alarm sounding when the homeowner is away may not be acted upon by anyone but having an appointed key holder will ensure that someone responds to the alarm within a specified timeframe. They will check your property to ensure everything is okay before resetting the alarm and securing your doors and windows once more. If a break in has occurred then the appointed key holder will liaise with emergency services on your behalf. Anyone wishing to enquire about such services should contact a Glevum Security for further advice.

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