Primary Types of Cases Focused on by a Michigan Lemon Law Attorney


Unlike several other states, Michigan’s consumer protection laws in regard to used vehicle purchases are not very strict. The so-called Lemon Law in this state mainly applies to new cars and pickup trucks. Vehicle buyers who are dissatisfied with their purchase because of flaws or malfunctions may consult a Michigan Lemon Law attorney to learn whether they have any recourse.

Requirements of Used Car Dealerships

Michigan state law only requires dealerships to disclose the actual mileage of used vehicles and whether a used automobile has a salvage title. They are also required to honestly answer questions from potential buyers. The only way a consumer can be certain that no problems will develop soon is to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic at a different location.

Used car dealerships in Michigan are not legally allowed to roll back the odometer to a lower mileage number. However, doing so is considered fraud rather than a Lemon Law case. When it comes to used cars, Michigan is considered a “buyer beware” state. A Michigan Lemon Law attorney primarily focuses on cases involving new cars that have been purchased or leased.

The Lemon Law in Michigan

The Lemon Law is intended to help consumers who own or lease a new vehicle that malfunctions during a certain time frame and cannot be fully repaired. The problem is with the manufacturer rather than with the dealership. Scheduling a consultation with a lawyer at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can be done with contact details.