Preventing Your Basement or Crawl Space from Flooding

Construction and Maintenance

Spring and the early months of summer are prime times during the year for floods. These months often see the heaviest rainfall. The rain may be so heavy that the ground becomes saturated, forcing the excess water to run off and flood parts of your home.

Pumping and drying out a flooded basement can take time and energy you would rather not spend. By investing in a foundation waterproofing membrane, you may be able to prevent water from coming in and flooding your basement or crawl space.

A foundation waterproofing membrane can be a lifesaver if you have always dealt with flooded basements in the past. You may grow tired of the heavy rains making their way into your basement or crawl space, leaving behind inches of water that are time-consuming, messy, and expensive to pump back out.

A membrane that can be applied around your foundation, however, can prevent the water from making its way into these areas in the first place. The membrane will act as a deterrent and force the water to flow away from your basement. The water then may flow into ditches and other drainage areas instead of your home.

The membrane likewise can be applied in a timely manner and well before any rains start to fall this season. The contractor who applies it can come to your home, assess where the most layers of the membrane need to be applied, and then coat the entire area so water will not get around it.

The main areas of the foundation that may need the membrane the most may be around your crawl space or basement. It also may be applied around the window wells so water will not get inside of these areas. Your basement or crawl space may finally stay dry during heavy rains.