Preset and Custom Engagement Ring Mountings

Custom Jewelry

The idea of creating a custom engagement ring is romantic. You can design a perfect ring that is specifically made for you or your loved one. Jewelers also have existing design collections of preset ring mountings.

These options are perfect if you or your loved one want to be able to try a ring on before you purchase it. If you do not have a clear vision, it can cause anxiety to purchase a custom ring or ring mount.

Preset Ring Mountings

After you or your partner have searched through magazines, catalogs, and websites, you both may have found the perfect design. Preset engagement ring mountings fit various gemstones and diamonds. You can try on different preset engagement ring mountings to see how they look and feel on your finger.

Designers’ collections have a wide range of options. Jewelers offer custom engravings to their preset designs. This adds an extra-special personal touch to your perfect engagement ring. If you find a preset design that you love but want to change a few things, custom ring mountings are also available.

Custom Ring Mountings

Custom engagement ring mountings will fit any diamond or gemstone. However, you may have the predisposition that a custom mount is expensive. Custom engagement rings are much more affordable. New technology and advanced jewelry fabrication techniques have made customization cheaper.

If you find a few different preset designs and want to combine the best features of each ring, you can do so easily with custom ring mountings. It is important to remember that customization takes time. If you think that you want a custom ring, you should account for the time it will take to design and produce the ring. For more information, please visit Laura Powers Jewelry.