Preparing for an Initial Meeting with Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Martinsburg, WV


In today’s uncertain economic climate, more people are having trouble paying their bills. Rising consumer prices, increasing interest rates, increased unemployment, increased underemployment, and rising fees from lenders all contribute to people owing more money than they have coming into their respective households. If you find yourself in this position, it’s advisable to see a bankruptcy lawyer in Martinsburg, WV so you can get a fresh financial start in life. Use the following guidelines to prepare for your first meeting.

Arrive about fifteen minutes early to your initial visit. This will give you time to organize your thoughts and calm yourself if you are nervous. Dress appropriately. Don’t wear outlandish or tattered clothing. Ensure that you are clean and well-groomed. Be polite and cooperative with the lawyer so you can form a mutually beneficial working rapport.

A lawyer will usually give you to fill out client forms ahead of time. These forms should be clearly written or typewritten so the bankruptcy lawyer in Martinsburg, WV won’t have a problem reading them. Some content to detail includes everyone to whom you owe money and high estimates of the amounts you owe. You may also be asked to fill out a questionnaire requesting your contact information, financial history, and current employment. Be as accurate and comprehensive as possible when giving this information.

It’s imperative that you bring documents supporting your debts and income. Some documents and forms take to your first meeting include:

* your tax returns for the past three years

* your paycheck stubs for the last six months

* your credit card bills for the past year

* your bank statements for the last year

* any property, bonds, or other assets you own

If you own properties jointly with another person, make a list of the people you co-own the assets with. Also, if you filed with a spouse you are no longer married to, state the spouse’s name and contact information if possible.

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and time-consuming. However, by being prepared, you can work with a lawyer to solve your financial situation