How To Prepare Your House For The Moving Companies In Philly

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7index.2Moving to a new home is a huge undertaking and Moving Companies in Philly can help you make a smooth transition to your new place. There’s no need to burden yourself with the huge task of moving when there are professionals who can easily take care of this job for you. Read the quick moving guide below so you’ll know how to prepare before the movers arrive.


1. After securely packing up small items and placing them in moving boxes, write the contents on the outside of each box. You can also write down the room in which each box belongs, such as the kitchen or bathroom. This small step makes unpacking quicker and easier. Write the word, “fragile” on boxes that contain breakable items so the movers will know not to place heavy boxes on top of them.

2. When stacking the boxes for the movers to load into the truck, group the boxes together by room. This also makes it easier when you begin to unpack.

3. Have all your packing done by the time the movers arrive to load the moving truck. This includes removing your bed linens, having your refrigerator cleaned out and your television set unplugged.

4. Clear a path from each room to the outside door so the movers don’t have to walk through a maze of boxes to get to the door. Stack the boxes along the wall in the front room to keep them out of the way and to speed up the process of carrying them out.

5. Advise the Moving Companies in Philly of any large or delicate items that need to be moved, such as a piano or an over-sized piece of furniture, so they can bring the necessary equipment to move them.

6. Keep pets and children at a safe distance away from the movers as they’re moving your belongings out to the truck. You don’t want your children or pets to get hurt and you don’t want to slow the movers down while they’re working.


Hiring a professional moving company will give you peace of mind that your belongings will be safe during your move. Superior Moving and Storage, Inc. is an insured and bonded company. Visit their website at and call for a free estimate for your residential or commercial move.