Pregnancy Services: What to Know

Pregnancy Care Center

Preparing for the birth of your child will lessen your anxiety, reduce your discomfort, and ensure a safe delivery. Check out pregnancy services in NJ that offer childbirth classes, doula assistance, and lactation counseling to help you. Here’s how each one can benefit you and your partner.

Childbirth Classes

A lot of women feel anxious about giving birth. If you’re pregnant for the first time, going to a class on childbirth is an excellent introduction to the subject. If you’ve already given birth years before, treat the classes as a refresher course for you. Childbirth and pregnancy classes help first-time parents who want to understand their options, the pros and cons that come with each one, and anything else they need to know about labor and birth.

Doula Assistance

Maybe you’re wondering why you need a doula when you already have a doctor. As a professional labor assistant, a doula is an essential part of your birth team. Doulas provide something that your doctor or nurses don’t: emotional and physical support to you and your partner. You can hire one to help you before, during, and after birth. Doulas have a positive impact on mothers during labor. Their continuous support during childbirth reduces pain, shortens labor time, and helps mothers to skip the pain relief medication during labor, which leads to lower birth risks.

Lactation Consultation

A lot of first-time mothers believe that breastfeeding happens naturally, and it can be an emotional blow for some when they find it difficult to nurse their babies. If you’re worried that the same situation may happen to you, consulting with a lactation expert will help ease your worries. Get helpful advice on how to navigate through the challenges and potential issues to reduce any discomfort and ensure that you nurse your child effectively.