A Pre School in Bethesda For Your Gifted Child


Everyone knows that their child is unique in his or her own way. The way they play and interact with their family and the world at large seems to be at a higher level than other children they come into contact with. Pre School in Bethesda should be adept at working with and teaching your child so that they can excel. Finding a Pre School in Bethesda may be easy and the listings may be plentiful. However, just any Pre School in Bethesda will not know how to give a full academic and cultural experience to a gifted child so that they may continue on a path to excellence.

Every parent believes that their child is gifted in some way or other. Of course the only way to ascertain if a school for gifted children is the right path for them is to have them assessed by a professional in the field. The experienced staff at the Feynman School can give you their honest evaluation for your own evaluation purposes. They can also speak with you as to whether a gifted learning class is right for your child or if a more traditional school would be a better fit. How a student begins their initial school years can lay the groundwork for how they propel themselves in the future. Knowing your alternatives and making the correct decision is something not to be taken lightly.

Applicants wishing to enroll their children into the early years program at Feynman must be aware of certain guidelines. Their young ones must be at least three years of age by September first of the term they wish to enter. Your child must show that they are emotionally mature enough to enter a school program as a preschooler. In addition, there must be space in the class for their enrollment at that time.

What makes this school different from other schools both public and private is how learning is approached holistically. Children are encouraged to find themselves in all areas they wish to explore. Teachers are scholars especially trained to work with gifted children and lead them on the path to advanced study and achievement.