Possibilities for New Gutters in Kent, WA


Gutters serve several functions that protect the building. They move water from the roof, keep it off the siding, and prevent it from seeping into window sills. Any incidents of water in those places will cause damage because, once the water freezes, it expands. The results are cracked shingles, bent panels, and failed seals. Another function of the system is to direct the running water a safe distance from the foundation and disperse it evenly in the yard. Concrete is a porous material, so excess water will result in cracks and crumbling over time. Water that puddles against the house will erode the soil, leak into the basement windows, and kill any trees, shrubs, or plants.

Commercial Gutters in Kent Wa are seven inch box-style gutters that are pitched to quickly drain large amounts of water from the roof. The steeper pitch also eliminates any standing water that will attract insects. These gutters are tailor-made to accommodate any size or angles of the building. They are used on commercial buildings that range from small stores to factories to hospitals. Apartment complexes, malls, restaurants, office buildings, and warehouses are also served well with box gutter systems. Box gutters are available in many colors to match any exterior design.

Residential Gutters in Kent Wa are available in two basic types. Standard gutters are sturdy and affordable. Hangers are hidden for a clean appearance, and corners are hand-crafted for a custom fit. The finish is baked-on enamel to eliminate the need for painting them. Seamless rain gutters are the second type. These are the most popular type of residential gutters because no seams drastically reduce the possibility of leaks. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, steel, or copper, they come with a lifetime warranty on materials. They also exceed federal housing requirements, which makes them ideal for duplexes, subsidized housing, and new homes built with Federal Housing Authority (FHA) funding. Both types are available in a wide variety of colors to accommodate homeowner preferences. When having new gutters installed, invest in gutter guards to prevent leaves and debris from getting into the gutters. Guards prolong the life of the gutter system and drastically reduces annual maintenance and cleaning costs.