Porta Potty Rental Tips For Bay City, Texas, Construction Sites

Waste Management

While many people think of porta potties as a handy option for outdoor events and venues in the Bay City, Texas, area, they are also used extensively on construction sites. This can include residential and commercial property construction and well as for infrastructure projects in the city as well as for roadwork projects.

As these types of jobs will span a considerable amount of time before the plumbing is installed and sewer connections available, having porta potties on the job site will be an important project management consideration.

Determining the correct number for the porta potty rental does not have to be guesswork. There are simple formulas anyone organizing the job can use to determine the correct number based on the variables of the job.

What to Know

For weekly rentals, which may span several weeks to months, there are several factors to know based on the specifics of the job. Typically, construction work will have either one or two shifts, with most projects having just one shift.
For every 10 workers, plan for one porta potty rental. If there are two shifts with 10 workers on each shift, plan for 2 rentals. The numbers simply increase in groups of 10 workers. If there are 50 workers on one shift, be sure to rent 5 porta potties, if there will be two shifts, double the number of rentals to 10.

Other Factors

On some projects, the location of the workers in relation to the porta potty units will also be a consideration. To decrease the time spent traveling back and forth, it may be more realistic, even with 10 workers on a single shift, to have 2 porta potties, one on either side of the project.

The porta potty rental services in the Bay City Texas area , will be able to provide specific advice based on the job site and other factors. Calling in advance of the rental is a simple way to make sure the right number of units are provided for the duration of the project.