Cigarillos have recently come back into popularity after disappearing from the mainstream for some years now. However, as more focus is being placed on this great way to enjoy a flavor-filled smoke, it’s exciting to see brands craft new types for all of us to enjoy.

Great for Personal Enjoyment

When acquiring Swisher Sweets Little Cigars from a reputable supplier like Unique Cigars of Orlando, you can purchase in large quantities, ensuring that your good times are to last. Each pack is also separately sealed and can be resealed to guarantee lasting freshness and the exact same flavor and aroma that you’ve learned to love from every box.

Many Unique and Favorite Flavors

Whether you are eager to enjoy a more adventurous flavor like cherry or grape, or simply want to try out uniquely flavorsome tobaccos in natural wrappers, Swisher Sweets offers a diverse range. From “Natural Sweet” to mild and menthol, as well as some truly unique flavors in between, you will certainly find cigarillos that will perfectly suit your taste.

Convenient for Resale

Additionally, because each pack contains 10 boxes of 20 cigarillos, you could also choose to redistribute them if you own or manage a store. Just be sure that you have the necessary licenses and rights to redistribute, and be sure that you comply with your state regulations, as well as national laws. If you have these in order, however, the large packs of 20 small packs are ideal to display on your counter or near your cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia.

While many people still believe that cigars are a thing of the past, proof that they are coming back into fashion can be seen on popular sites like Cigar Aficionado, where brands are pioneering the pastime with fancy new gadgets and modern cigar-related tools.