Points to Consider When Placing an Order with a Dumpster Service in Dayton OH

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There are times when arranging a rental with a Dumpster Service Dayton OH is the only way to complete a project efficiently. From cleaning out the garage to remodeling the home, those dumpsters are the ideal way to discard anything that is no longer needed or wanted. When approaching a service about the rental, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Here are some examples.

What is the Project?

A good place to begin is by considering the underlying reason for contacting the Dumpster Service Dayton OH in the first place. Think about the type of project that is about to commence, and how much junk will need to be hauled away from the home. Having some idea of what needs to go will make it much easier to choose a dumpster with a reasonable capacity.

Specific Features to Consider

Along with the size of the dumpster, it also pays to think about other features that would make the unit just right for the project. Dumpsters come in more than one design, and one of those will provide more efficient service than the others. For example, maybe the plan is to clean out the attic. Since the space does come with a nice sized window that can be opened with ease, consider renting a dumpster with an open top. Make sure the unit is mounted on rollers. The combination would make it possible to maneuver the unit under the attic window and toss unwanted items directly into the dumpster. Compare that approach with having to lug the discards down the stairs, through the front door, and ultimately into a dumpster.

The Duration

How long with the client need the dumpster? If the project is anticipated to take no more than a weekend, arrange for a delivery Friday afternoon and a pickup Monday morning. For projects that will take longer, like a roof replacement, reserve the dumpster for four or five days. The goal is to make sure the unit is on the site long enough to get the job done, but not long enough to be in the way once the project is complete.

For help with selecting the ideal dumpster, contact the team at Sandy’s Towing today. With the help of a professional, it will not take long to choose a unit and set up all the particulars of the rental arrangement.