How A Podiatrist In Edison, NJ Can Help You Design A Great Fitness Routine


Physical fitness is an important part of maintaining your health, and engaging in exercise can help you do everything from losing weight to staying mobile as you age. However, there is also a high risk of injury for those who don’t exercise in the right way. If you’re wondering whether you need to see a podiatrist before you begin your fitness routine, here are just a few ways an expert can help you protect your feet while you get fit.

Shoe Selection

Although you may not realize it, it’s not a good idea to use the same type of shoe for every fitness activity. If you plan to take aerobics classes, you’ll require different shoes than a person who decides to use running to get in shape. While running shoes may have great heel support to help with foot strike mechanics, those participating in aerobics often need more side support and more flexible soles due to the side-to-side movement that aerobics requires. When you see your Podiatrist Edison NJ, they’ll be able to tell you which shoes to purchase to avoid injury.


Stretching is a vital part of your fitness routine because it helps to prime your muscles for activity and reduce the strain exercise can put on your body. Many exercisers fail to understand that even stretching should be deliberate and methodical. Since your podiatrist understands this, they can show you how to execute specific stretching and warm-up exercises that will be vital in your quest to avoid injury.


Biomechanics refers to the way in which the movement of your feet impact your upper body movements. A good Podiatrist Edison NJ, knows how to help patients adjust their biomechanics during exercise to reduce the stress on their bodies and help them stay in alignment to prevent injury.

Getting hurt during your fitness routine can be a serious hindrance to your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. Instead of risking injury to your body, let a podiatrist show you how to stay safe and comfortable with every move you make. Visit to learn more about how you can get the help you need to keep you on the right path toward optimal health.