How Do Plumbers Snake A Drain?


There are a number of drains in a normal home, all of which at one time or another may clog. Depending on the severity you may need a plumber to do the work or you may be able to do it yourself. If using a snake to clean the drain appears to be the solution, then plunging must have already failed because clearing the blockage by plunging is usually the first thing to try.

Every drain fitting is different so it is most important that if a snake is going to be used it is the correct type. Use of the incorrect snake can damage the plumbing fitting, the snake or the operator. If renting the snake is your choice then tell the agent at the tool rental shop the exact drain you will be snaking and where you will snake from. The rental shops have different snakes for different problems.

A plumber in Cumming, GA finds that the most frequently clogged drain is the toilet. If the clog is in the toilet itself or very close to the outlet into the drain a toilet auger is the best solution. The toilet auger can be pushed into the throat of the toilet without damaging the porcelain of the toilet bowl; the auger cable will not loop back on itself when it hits the stoppage as this is the way it is designed.

When snaking a shower, plumbers will use a snake with a cable diameter of ¼”. A shower drain is usually 2” diameter so a ¼” snake, about 25 feet long is ideal. Shower clogs are almost always a buildup of hair and soap scum and are easy to move once the snake reaches the clog.

Snaking a tub is a little different than a shower and plumbers have to introduce the snake into the drain through the overflow. Before snaking, make sure the problem is simply not hair that has become entangled in the drain mesh cover. You may have to remove the stopper to reach the mesh. If the mesh is clean then that indicates a stoppage further down the drain line. The snake you want to use for the tube has a very small diameter cable, ¼” is ideal. A cable any larger will have a hard time negotiating the trap located under the tub and may even damage the trap.

One very common problem that a plumber in Cumming, GA is faced with is clogged drains. If you are experiencing a clogged drain or any other plumbing problem you can rely on Fortune Plumbing.