Plaques; The Perfect Award for Any Occasion


No matter whom you want to recognize, plaques in Columbus OH are always a good idea. Whether you are recognizing the employee of the month or the top junior softball team of the season, plaques are a great way to both award and recognize accomplishments. There are virtually endless styles to choose from which are completely customizable to read exactly what you want it to say. You can give a plaque to be hung on the wall or one that stands alone on its own base.

Traditional Plaques
Traditional plaques in Columbus, OH are the awards that we normally see where a personalized piece is placed on a wooden, metal or acrylic background. If you already have a certificate, such as a diploma you can also order a plaque kit. You will receive the background, plexi glass cover and securing anchors. You can customize them to include pictures, sport scenes, professional innuendos and even certain events such as groundbreaking ceremonies.

Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual plaques recognize an ongoing achievement such as listing each employee of the month for the whole year, top sales rep for each year or any other ongoing achievement. There are a few different styles to choose from and you can customize how large the piece is and how many personalized plates will be ultimately be included.

Frames and Shadowboxes
Instead of the traditional plaque where the personalized engraving sits on a background, you can have the engraved award sitting inside a frame. This will give the award more depth and unique flare. You can also order personalized shadow boxes, which are similar to frames, except you can actually sit items inside such as a baseball or other relevant memento.

Glass and Acrylic Plaques
If you are looking for a more creative and artistic plaque, glass and acrylic pieces are the way to go. Your color options vary way beyond the traditional brass on wood look. You can create a customized engraved glass or acrylic piece on black or wood background or have it reversed with a colored engraved piece in the middle of a clear beveled piece of acrylic or glass of your color choosing.

Other Plaques
You can also order marble plaques, high gloss plaques, and medallion plaques. Marble plaques, even though expensive, give off a professional vibe and really reward a special accomplishment. High gloss plaques, are exactly what you are thinking, traditional plaques that have an extremely glossy finish. Medallion plaques can be customized to include your specific sport’s emblem.

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