Plan Your Next Event with Shows in Lincoln Park, Chicago

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If you are looking for something different to do for your next group gathering, the going to Comedy Sportz Chicago is a great choice. This is a comedy club that specializes in improv comedy shows. Two teams of comedians are on stage and they perform their show based on what the audience would like to see. Suggestions are given from the crowd, and the comedians do the rest. They create games, skits songs that are sure to entertain any group. There are over one hundred games and skits in the playbook of these professionals, so it is very rare to see the same show twice.
Groups that are llooking for Shows in Lincoln Park, Chicago  will find that tjhe Comedy Sportz group is also a good choice because it is family friendly. In a time where family friendly entertainment seems to be harder to find, this group certainly fits the bill. The other nice thing for groups is that Comedy Sportz can provide a customized show to match exactly the theme they are looking for. This venue is also a great place for people to visit on any night of the week as a place to find some excellent entertainment. More information can be found about all the shows that are offered at

For large companies that are looking for Shows in Lincoln Park, Chicago to bring in and use as training tools, The ComedySportz Theatre can fit that need as well. There is a creative services division of this group that can put on corporate training performances, or even be brought in to area colleges and universities. The professional comedians understand the culture of business and can put on a show that also delivers whatever message the company would like to express to their employees.

A final part of the experience that can be had with the Comedy Sportz group is training. They offer a high school league where students can come to hone their comedy improv skills. There is also a training center for people that are looking to make a career in the area of improv comedy. This group offers entertaining, safe, and fun shows for a variety of audiences throughout the year.