Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Painting Contractors in Columbus


The most common question asked of painting contractors in Columbus is what outside paint colors they should use. Many homeowners cannot choose their own because they are afraid of selecting the incorrect ones, which we all know may result in disaster. Suddenly, your house is the neighborhood’s laughingstock. Everyone is inquiring as to what occurred.

Choose a Shade First

Before you go to a shop such as JNG Painting & Decorating LLC and chat with a color consultant, you should have at least your shade already picked out. A light, medium, or dark tone is what we mean by shade.

This isn’t about the color of the paint. This is the most straightforward phase for most homeowners because they already know whether they want a light- or dark-colored home.

Consider the Ceiling

All painting contractors in Columbus will tell you that the color of your roof affects the color you choose for your home. Roofing materials come in various hues, some of which may conflict with your decor. Black or grey roofs are fortunate in that they have no bearing on the outcome. Because of their strong undertones, brick and stone on the outside might clash with paint colors.

The Colors You Choose Are Influenced by Light

Natural light floods the outside of a house. The outcome of the paint color you choose will be influenced by the sun. Most of the time, you’ll need to pick a hue that’s two to three times warmer than the one you desire.