Pet Vaccination in Lenexa, KS

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Like humans, dogs can get diseases more or less serious, which can weaken them, or worse, kill them. Pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS is the only way to avoid serious health problems for your dog. You can visit your local vet for these vaccines by walking in or you can schedule a consult. Either way you should have your pets vaccinated.

When to get your dog vaccinated?

Vaccination occurs very early in the life of a dog, as soon as two months in most cases, as it is no longer protected by maternal antibodies. It should have the first injection of the vaccine at this age. Two other injections should be given thereafter, a month apart from each other. It is necessary to protect your puppy from disease at an early age. Thus, it is essential to take it to the vet for the second injection, and, within a month for the third. Thereafter, know that the majority of vaccines requires an annual booster.

Diseases against which to vaccinate your dog

There are 7 in number, but here are five of the most common

*    Distemper: this disease is highly contagious among dogs. It mainly affects young dogs but can be caught at any age. This condition is very dangerous because it most often causes the death of the animal. It is manifested by fever, decreased appetite, runny nose and conjunctivitis.

*    Parvovirus: this disease is widespread, especially among dogs living in a community (kennels, farms, etc.). The animal may experience bloody diarrhea. It is often fatal, especially in puppies.

*    Canine hepatitis: even though the disease is affecting more and more dogs rarely, it exists and is fatal. It resembles viral hepatitis that afflicts man.

*    Rabies: vaccine against this disease is mandatory for the dog. It involves a single injection when the puppy is 3 months old.

*    Kennel cough: this is characterized by violent coughing, which can be very painful for puppies and is found mainly on farms and in kennels.

Remember reminder dates for concerning pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS. If you forget to update, or if your pet is in contact with a sick dog, there is a chance your dog may get sick. If you would like to know more, visit the website.