Pet Cleaning in Alexandria, VA: A Simple Solution for Healthier Pets and Happier Homes

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Pets make life more interesting, happy, and worthwhile. Pet owners understand that the love they receive from their pets does come with a cost. Pet fur on everything, some unique aromas, and the risk of pests like fleas and ticks are only some of the possible problems. Luckily, good grooming schedules reduce the frequency of these concerns and can make life with dogs much more enjoyable.

Stop the Stink

Every dog owner eventually has that moment when they witness their beloved pet rolling in something disgusting. Dogs do love anything with a strong odor, and they often enjoy tossing a little of the stink onto themselves. Odors do not only come from these unwelcome actions. Pets can have a smell due to problems from yeast, from ear infections, and from bacteria on their fur and skin. A bath makes it easy to check the skin and ears for treatable problems and will wash away the bacteria as well.

Reduce Shed Fur

Fur sheds just like human hair but is more noticeable because animals are not daily groomers and they have much more fur to lose than most humans have hair. Brush pets weekly to remove loose fur. It is a controlled process that will keep some fur off furnishings and floors. The scrubbing and rinsing of Pet Cleaning in Alexandria VA will also remove loose fur and reduce random shedding even more.

Watch for Parasites

Flea and tick preventatives provide the most protection against parasite problems, but grooming can help. Preventatives do not always work 100 percent for every pet, and sometimes pet parents miss a dose by accident. Some animals have an extreme sensitivity to flea bites that can lead to uncomfortable skin conditions. Ticks spread diseases that can be deadly. Pet Cleaning in Alexandria VA helps to ensure the skin is clear or makes it easier to see the problem so the pet can get Lyme Disease testing or a new preventative.

Pet owners often prefer to groom their pets at home for cost savings and convenience. However, it is possible to seek outside grooming services for much less than what most pet owners expect. Visit us if at-home pet bathing is no longer working out as planned.