Pet Allergies Can Present A Variety of Unknown Symptoms for Louisville, KY Residents


Allergies can be one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose for medical professionals. This is because allergies can produce a wide variety of symptoms, other than itchy, watering eyes, sneezing, and dry cough. They can also cause dizziness, rashes, irritable bowel, and are often misdiagnosed as other diseases. Allergies can actually be left untreated for years, as a general physician may not recognize these symptoms. This is why it is so important to visit an allergist who can test you for every allergy known to man. They will find the problem and help you get the treatment you need to alleviate all symptoms.

One of the most common complaint is pet allergies in Louisville, KY. Pet allergies affect thousands of people and the symptoms can be debilitating for adults as well as children. An allergist at the Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center can provide you with specialized allergy care. First, they will a variety of tests to determine what pet allergies you have. You may be allergic to all pet dander, or just cat dander. Without these specialized tests, you just have no way of knowing. Once the specific allergy is determined, they will work to provide you with an intensive treatment to help alleviate the bothersome symptoms. The allergists at the allergy center have worked extensively to come up with a specialized formula to treat pet allergies, like no other medication on the market. This is great for pet owners, as they do not wish to get rid of their wonderful pets.

If you or someone you know is suffering from allergies, or symptoms that have not been able to be properly diagnosed, you should see an allergist to properly diagnose your symptoms and allergies. Allergies can be make you tired and unproductive, but with the help of a professional, you can get the treatment you deserve and completely eradicate these horrible symptoms. These doctors are also great with kids and can help diagnose your child early in life, so they do not have to suffer throughout their life with terrible allergies. Call today, and find out what the first step is to living an allergy-free lifestyle.