Pests And Pest Control: Protecting Your Grape Vines


If you have a plant, any type of plant, growing in a garden plot, you have to keep your eye out for tiny enemies. This is just as true for grapevines as it is for tomatoes and cabbages. Even before you purchase those wine grape vines for sale you saw online, you need to think about potential pests and be ready to take decisive action to control them.

Potential Pests

The grape vines have a fairly long list of pests that can blight their (and, by extension, your) existence. Among the most common are:    Red spiders

  •     Moth grubs
  •     Mites
  •     Beetles
  •     Mildew
  •     Fungi
  •     Oidium
  •     White rot
  •     Grey rot

The grower must also take into consideration animal pests. Deer, raccoons, groundhogs or gophers, moles and possums can be dangerous to plants. Yet, the most hazardous creatures of all to your grape vines are birds.

Deterring Birds

If you believe or know that those precious wine grape vines for sale online that you are thinking of getting will be threatened by birds, you need to take appropriate measures. Failure to do so will cause damage to the crop and even significant fruit loss. For those who are worried about the potential bird risk, there are any number of things you may try. Among the most commonly used are:

  • Auto cannons (bird bangers) fired randomly or similar noise making devices – must be time controlled. You should also be sure you are not annoying the neighbors or violating any noise bylaws before you go to any effort or expense to install
  •     Scarecrows
  •     Streamers
  •     Balloons
  •     Protective netting
  •     Electronic noisemaking devices

These are the basic methods in use to deter birds from eating your wine grapes. Talk to experts for more advice. Contact wine growers and those from whom you plan to purchase those wine grape vines for sale. They may have some ideas.

Green Methods for Pest Control

While there is a chemical answer to every type of insect and botanical or other form of pest, it is often better for the environment, including your neighbors, to go green. There are many ways to do so. These include planting cover crops between rows or, a single plant at the start and end of each grape vine row. Roses, for example, seem to attract specific pests. This lets you know in advance the potential risk of a problem from mildew and fungi.

There are many pests and diseases that can attack and kill grape vines. Red spiders, moth grubs and various mites, bugs and beetles can all prey on the plant above ground. Most of these may be controlled with either sulfur sprays, or by newer “green” methods, such as introducing predacious insects and protective cover crops between vine rows.

In some instances, certain insects are placed in the vine yards to destroy other insects. Introducing a species should only done with caution and awareness of any potential fall-out. Never do so without knowing exactly what the results for the grape vines, the rest of the garden and the environment will be.

If you plant to purchase those delectable wine grape vines for sale from an online source, make sure you know exactly what problems you may face. Be prepared to deal with such things as fungal or insect infestations. Know how to address any potential bird attacks. By understanding the potential problems in advance and preparing for them, you will be more likely capable of helping your plants and their fruit not only survive but also thrive in their new home.