Personalizing a Financial Future with a Financial Advisor in CT

Financial service

Finances are not a field one can simply jump into and be successful. It requires an agent to successfully target a plan and reach out to the resources and strategies to cater to that plan. st germain investment management is an independent financial planning company that bridges the gap between knowledge and money. Investors of all kinds come into the offices with a wide breadth of knowledge, and seek to speak to a Financial Advisor in CT. Since 1924, the company has remained a mainstay in financial planning.

The reason is simple. They know what they are talking about, and they have a track record to prove it. this is accomplished through personalized efforts that match the needs of the investor or client. Many come in and ask about annuities, which is quickly growing into one of the most popular investment strategies.

The Financial Advisor in CT will often have annuities be directed right into a retirement account. Generally, they will allow the annuities to build up over time. Because they are not taking money out, the account will only grow in some capacity. A fixed annuity is a guaranteed payout, and these will generally be lower compared to variable annuities. The latter type is directly tied to the performance of the investments of the particular insurance.

Annuities are flawed in one way because they hold large expenses. This makes their barrier of entry higher than they may deserve to be. With that said, their safety and consistency is quite appealing. The Financial Advisor in CT will often include annuities, especially if the investor is a senior.

Of course, there are many other strategies that have earned their own level of notoriety. Mutual funds are very popular. This is largely because they provide diversified and professionally managed portfolios for a rather accessible price. Mutual fund investors can access a wide portfolio for thousands of dollars, whereas this type of variety is generally unknown to these lower level investments. Some go straight for traditional retirement packages and tuition packages which have very specific needs. Ultimately, stocks are avoided. The right financial planning wants to assure clients of consistency and safety moving forward- something that stocks do not provide at the level st germain is comfortable with.