Personal Injury Attorney in Hutchinson KS Wants You to Be Aware of Your Rights


If you suffered an injury due to someone else’s neglect, in the eyes of the law, you have suffered a personal injury. The responsibility for any medical bills, time lost from work, or property damage should not have to fall upon you. The burden should be shifted to the one who is responsible for the neglect. There is a Personal Injury Attorney in Hutchinson KS who wants to help you understand your rights in a personal injury case.

When you are confronted with a personal injury, usually the situation is so discombobulating, you are not in the frame of mind to think rationally. As a result, people will try to take advantage of you during this time of confusion. Whatever happens, don’t sign anything too quickly, or be quick to take money from anyone. Here are a few things you should ensure happens:

1. Write down exactly what happened (as you remember it). Remember, the offending party will certainly have his or her version of what happened. The two stories may match up, but usually they will not, especially if the other party does not admit fault.
2. Keep up with pertinent data such as how much time you have lost or are losing from work, any medical bills you have been given, and any personal suffering you have incurred.
3. Take photographs if you are able. Pictures taken with cell phones are usually acceptable in today’s times.

In Kansas, Oswalt, Henry, Oswald and Roberts, attorneys who practice personal injury law in Hutchinson and Sterling, Kansas, want you to remember the statute of limitations on personal injury cases, which is two years. However, it can vary according to the type of personal injury sustained. If local government entities are involved, several notices are required for the claim to be valid and recognized. If the claim is against the State of Kansas or any of its agents and employees, the limitation varies on that as well.

Whatever the situation is, you don’t have to settle for anything. You have rights, and the sooner you employ the services of an able attorney, the better the outcome for you. If you need to talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in Hutchinson KS, you can call upon the law firm of Oswalt, Henry, Oswald and Roberts. You can visit their website,, for more information.