Your Personal Injury Attorney in Chandler Will Fight for You


If you have been in an accident and somebody else is responsible is accountable, you may consider filing a lawsuit to get the money that you deserve. Of course, it it isn’t necessarily that you want to file a lawsuit, it is more that you don’t have any other option. After all, if someone else is responsible for your injuries, your own personal health insurance provider isn’t going to pay for your medical bills. This means that you have two options available. Either you can pay the bills yourself, or you can file a lawsuit and hopefully convince the judge to force the other person to pay you.

Set up an appointment with Jay A. Bansal before you decide whether or not you would like to file a lawsuit. This way, you can go over your case with your attorney and get the answers that you are looking for. He will let you know how much money you are legally entitled to. He will also help you to understand what your case is worth. For example, if the other party tries to offer you a settlement offer, your attorney can let you know right away whether or not it is a reasonable amount of money. Keep in mind that even if the settlement looks like a good deal, your attorney may still be able to get you more. This is why you should always consult with your attorney before accepting a settlement offer.

Never go through something like this on your own. It is more likely that you will get more money if you are willing to hire an attorney. Maybe you aren’t quite sure whether or not your case is strong enough to get a settlement. If this is the case, you should never be the one to decide. Instead, contact your Personal Injury Attorney in Chandler and he will go over your case and let you know his honest opinion. You never know, you may have a lot of money coming in your direction. Your attorney isn’t going to give up until you get the money that you deserve. Set up an appointment today.

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