The business of pawning items has been around for centuries. Pawnshops operate by providing secured loans to those in need by using a person’s personal property as collateral. The loan terms and period would be determined at the time of the loan. If the loan and interest is not repaid within the time agreed, then the item placed as collateral is offered for sale to cover the loan. A pawnbroker also purchases items directly from seller to sell outright to its customers.

A pawnbroker is responsible for ensuring the value of an item brought to them for pawn or for outright sale. To do this, a pawnbroker will utilize myriad information through the use of catalogues, Internet searches, and just general knowledge of a product if they have significant experience in a certain field or in a particular area. For high value items, pawnshops usually bring in expert appraisers to look over the items carefully and determine the value. Value is dependent on the item’s condition, marketability, and functionality. Marketability has a major factor in a pawnshop determining whether or not to take an item. In the end, it is all about how quickly the pawnbroker can move the item.

An issue that some pawnshops face (and have had an unfair reputation for) is taking in and selling potentially stolen items. Pawnshops are governed by laws that require positive identification of sellers of potential stolen goods, usually through the procurement of a driver’s license or other photo identification. There are also hold periods on items purchase by a pawnbroker as lists of newly pawned items with corresponding serial numbers to the police for possible matches in items reported stolen.

Pawnshops have to be properly maintained in the storing and showcasing of goods on hand. For items pawned that are still awaiting redemption, a pawnbroker cannot market these goods. This can be an issue if the pawnbroker handles most business through pawning high value items like jewelry, gold, silver, artwork, and similar items.

Popularity of pawnshops and their operations has become apparent with the airing of shows such as Pawn Stars, Cajun Pawn Stars, and Hardcore Pawn. These shows focus on the daily operations of a pawnshop and showcase the different types of items sold and pawned.

Pawnshops will always be in demand as long as there are bills that need to be met and little money to pay them. In a time where lending practices are tightening up and becoming more invasive in terms of the information that is required to obtain a loan, pawnshops will always remain the easy and fast method to received quick funding. Whether it is a brick and mortar establishment or an online store, there are many options for reliable quick loans.

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