Patients Receiving Dental Implants Charleston, SC


When people lose their natural teeth, everyday tasks can become unpleasant or difficult. Losing teeth may make it difficult to eat certain foods. For many people, missing teeth impacts their self esteem. It is not uncommon for individuals to be self conscious of their missing teeth. This is because the loss of teeth can change an individual’s smile, and their facial structure may be impacted due to bone loss and other issues. Fortunately, Dental Implants in Charleston, SC are a great solution for patients with missing teeth. Whether it is one missing tooth or several missing teeth, dental implants are very effective root devices that look and perform like natural, strong and healthy teeth. In some cases, dental implants are used to replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth. This depends on the needs and the preferences of each specific dental patient.

Many individuals are candidates for Dental Implants Charleston, SC. The following list describes some of the reasons or qualifications for receiving dental implants:

  • The patient has lost one or more teeth.
  • The patient has lost all teeth in one or both jaw bones.
  • The patient would like to preserve the natural teeth that are located next to a missing tooth.
  • If the patient is experiencing bone loss around missing teeth, dental implants and root devices may stop the process from occurring.
  • If the patient would like to enhance or preserve their facial structure after tooth loss, dental implants can make this happen.
  • If patients have been dealing with painful or loose dentures, then dental implants may be a good alternative to traditional dentures.

While these are the main reasons that patients get dental implants, a dentist or oral surgeon will advise his patients regarding whether or not implants are the best solution. In most cases, patients and oral health care professionals prefer dental implants because they are permanent unlike dentures. They also produce positive long term effects for the patient, as they improve both the look and the use of the mouth. With the help of dental implants and an oral surgeon, patients can receive the treatment that is best suited for them. Click here to visit us.