Parental Tips on Easing Your Child’s Fears of a Dentist in Birmingham Alabama


Getting your child to go to the dentist, is literally like “pulling teeth”. While everyone has reservations about the idea of needles, drills, and surgeries, maintaining proper oral health is extremely important. Failure to visit the dentist at least twice per year could result in serious dental issues including cavities, gum disease, and more. Therefore, as parents, you should do your best to prep your child for their visit to the pediatric Dentist in Birmingham Alabama. Click here for more information!

Take Them for a Visit
The best tip for parents trying to get their children to the pediatric dentist is to take them for a visit prior to their appointment. Allow your child to visit the office, talk with the staff, and even see the dental rooms. This will make them feel comfortable, and will put their worries to rest. If the dentist has time, ask if they wouldn’t mind meeting your child for a friendly chat. This can also relieve some anxiety and give them a comfortable environment to voice their opinions.

Schedule Your Appointments Together
Another great method for helping your child overcome their fears of the dentist is to schedule your appointments at the same time. In most cases, dentists also accept families and therefore, you can all go for a cleaning at the same time. Allow your child to see you sitting in the chair and the dentist working on your mouth to show that while it’s a bit uncomfortable, it is not as scary as they think.

Teach Preventative Care At Home
Sometimes, children have the biggest fears of the dentist, because their first visit was for something extensive. When their initial visit is to fill a cavity, chances are they are going to be afraid. If parents are able to introduce proper dental hygiene at home and encourage preventative care such as brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouth, they will have less of a need for invasive procedures such as fillings and caps.

These are just a few basic tips for parents trying to get their children to see a dentist. Educating them and teaching them the importance of dental hygiene will pay off in the end. To schedule a consultation,, contact Dr. Michael S. Anglin Birmingham Alabama.