A Parent Should Find The Best Divorce Lawyer in Commack to Preserve Their Rights


Divorce is a traumatic process that is responsible for many people having to declare bankruptcy. In order to survive this ordeal with as much of their life intact as possible, it’s necessary for people to Find The Best Divorce Lawyer in Commack to represent them. During the time they are married, couples enjoy autonomy in planning their family life and raising their children. Once they decide to divorce, they may be shocked at how much say a judge has in how they will conduct their lives. Until the children are 18 years old, it is a judge who will determine what’s in their best interest. Attorneys at Todd J. Zimmer and Associates will ensure that their clients retain as much of the decision making as is possible.

A divorce lawyer often has to function as a forensic accountant. The division of marital assets can be a complicated and emotional process. Not only do people have financial assets, but they have tangible assets that have a great deal of sentimental value. Spouses may also have been hiding assets in preparation of divorcing, so all of the assets may not be easily found. Even a wine collection that the couple accumulated together while they travelled the world, can be become the source of a contentious argument. If the couple cannot agree how these assets will be divided, a judge may order that they sell everything and divide the proceeds evenly.

When a divorce involves children, it’s even more important to Find The Best Divorce Lawyer in Commack. The judge will review the evidence submitted by both attorneys and determine who will have child custody. There will also be a parenting agreement that outlines how much contact the non-custodial parent has with the children and under what circumstances. Divorced parents may be shocked when their ex-spouse complains to the judge about the person they are dating. However, if they feel that person is a threat to their children, they have that right. When the judge examines issues such as these, he is only concerned about the welfare of the children. The happiness of the parents is not taken into consideration. If the romantic interest has a criminal past, the parent may have to stop seeing them or lose custody.