Pain Management Without the Intervention of Surgery Using Physical Therapy in Topeka, KS

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Topeka KS addresses physiological disorders that cause chronic pain. This type of medical treatment uses a manifold of methods to eliminate and significantly reduce pain. Most prefer to manage pain without resorting to surgery. Physical Therapy in Topeka KS makes that possible. A system is put in place with a customized care plan for each patient. It involves manual massage in the areas where the body is experiencing pain and finding a way to block the source of pain.

An essential part of treatment is communication. A physical therapist must know where the pain is, how it feels using as many details as possible, and how intense it is. Descriptive words like aching, burning, sharp, and dull are hints to where the pain is coming from. A multidisciplinary treatment system with a team of people specializing in different techniques for treating pain produces the best results. Prescription opioids taken responsibly can reduce pain to a tolerable level. A doctor may prescribe medicine when other methods alone isn’t enough. Some people have pain that cannot be allayed well enough to rule out medication. Nevertheless, physical therapy lessens the dosage needed for pain relief. Visit website for more details about the professional physical therapy in Topeka, KS.

Electrical stimulation is an effective way to reduce pain without surgery. Electrical nerve stimulation targets nerves that send pain signals to the brain. Tiny little devices with electrodes are placed on the local area of the skin where there is pain. The electrodes are connected to a machine that sends off electrical waves. Electrical stimulus directed to the appropriate areas block pain receptors. Pain receptors send messages to the brain to make it aware of pain. When there is a barrier to the communication of receptors to the brain, pain is not felt. It’s also believed that electrical stimulation arouses the production of endorphins, natural hormones responsible for relieving pain. Massage therapy is a symptom-free pain reducing technique. Therapeutic massage prompts the body to relax. It helps the body handle pain in a better way. Reports show it significantly reduces the intensity of pain. Massage therapy along with other conservative regimens cuts back on the reliance on prescription medication. Visit to learn more.