Owning An Oriental Rug In The Woodlands TX


Strictly speaking, an oriental rug will have been made in one of the countries lying to the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Traditionally, it would have been handmade, probably to a traditional tribal design. It might have been woven without a pile or it could have been knotted to give a tufted pile and it does not really matter if you call it an oriental rug or an oriental carpet. More than likely, a prized oriental rug in someone’s house in The Woodlands in Texas will not have been purchased new since antique rugs and carpets are often the most sought after. These will, of course, have been made from natural fibers (such as wool or silk).

Expensive Floor Coverings
Whether your antique oriental rug is of Persian, Chinese, Turkish, or Indian design or from any of the other countries associated with traditional rug making, it is certain to have cost you quite a large amount of money for something to throw down on your floor for, basically, decorative reasons. These rugs were, historically, used for practical purposes and are, in fact, quite hard wearing in terms of foot traffic on them. So, unless you have spent a literal fortune on yours, you do not need to frame it and keep it under glass as a wall display; you can happily put it down and walk all over it.
However, there are factors in today’s living styles that were not encountered in the past and one of these is the way in which we use chemicals such as detergents and solvents as part of our routine house cleaning procedures. At best, modern cleansers might cause the colors in your oriental rug to fade and, in worst case scenarios, damage to the carpet itself.

Protecting Your Rug Investment
Obviously you need some common sense over what is allowed to happen on your rug but, even so, it is a fact of everyday life that some dirt and dust will build up on both the surface of your rug and deeper down into its construction. It is in the act of Oriental Rug Cleaning In The Woodlands TX that you need to exercise the utmost care in protecting your rug.

The Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS)
For any Oriental Rug Cleaning In The Woodlands TX, it would be foolish to try and handle the job yourself. Specialist equipment and techniques are required as well has a high level of operator expertise. Selecting a cleaning contractor who is a member of ARCS is a good guarantee that the cleaning will improve your carpet without risk of damage.

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