An Overview of Services Offered by a Surveying Company in Austin


A surveying company in Austin can do far more than tell clients where lot lines are. They can also make detailed maps of roads, geographical features, utility lines and pipes, and other such important items.

Boundary surveying is a big part of the business, and that’s because legal boundaries are extremely important to landowners, developers, and others. Subdivision platting is basically a large set of boundary surveying, so it’s no wonder that a company like does both things. Having these services performed ensures that mishaps like houses being built with a lot line down the center do not occur. It also allows people to do common things, such as building fences, without accidentally infringing on their neighbor’s land. Boundary surveys are also often required when land is sold. They allow the land to be accurately described for legal purposes.

Route surveys are another type of work done by surveying companies. Many have seen surveyors at the roadside or even in the roads. This allows transportation authorities and roadside land owners to know exactly where the roads really are. Without a survey, inaccuracies can develop in maps that will have legal consequences down the line.

Construction layout surveys are needed for projects of all sizes, but they’re especially important when the projects are large. They allow builders to know exactly where each structure will need to go. This prevents the scenario of a contractor rolling up intending to build, only to find out that someone else already did!

Surveying the topography of a plot of land is often ordered by those who intend to develop that land. Engineers need to know about things like elevation, the presence of streams, and other such things so they can figure out how to plan the project. By being able to see everything listed on paper, they can get a big-picture view that can’t be matched even by walking around the property in person.

While small projects usually only need one or two types of surveying, it’s common for large developments to need several or even all possible varieties. A subdivision needs route, topographical, and boundary surveys at the least. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a surveying company in Austin will do its best to offer an expansive selection of survey types.