Overseas Courier Services Handle All Items

Transportation and Logistics

Most people don’t usually require overseas courier services, but if you own a business, have friends or family in another country or find yourself needing a one-time overseas shipment of something, you will need to find a proper company that will handle many kinds of items from hazardous goods to documents.

Hazardous Goods

Most people will not require hazardous goods shipment needs in their lifetime, but many companies routinely ship these items and they have specific rules. Many couriers do not offer these services as it makes it more difficult to ship. However, there are companies out there that handle these types of shipments, even overseas.

Hazardous goods can include many different things, including poison, corrosives, firearms, liquids, flammable solids and many more. The shipment of these goods requires special rules and many couriers will only offer this service at specific times.

If you are unsure whether your items are considered dangerous, contact the courier and inquire.

Overweight Items

If you are planning a permanent move to another country, you will likely want to have all your large items with you, including beds, dressers, vehicles, boats and whatever else you require. Make sure the services from your overseas courier include overweight, bulky and large items. While you will likely pay a little more than a normal shipment, you will have everything you need in your new home and country.


Whether you enjoy sending homemade goodies to your son or daughter in college or want to ship purchased food to family in another country, you will need an overseas courier. Most postal services do not ship food items by regular mail, though most couriers do. However, make sure that the items are packed properly and will be shipped before spoilage occurs. Because of spoilage, certain food may not make the journey. You can always contact the courier to ask about specific items if you are unsure.


Most people wouldn’t consider a courier to ship documents as the postal service is likely to do this for less money. However, a courier offers more services along with their sending of documents, including signatures, great customer service and promises of being on time. If you have time-sensitive documents that must be sent quickly and efficiently, a courier is probably the best way to go.


Most electronics are considered hazardous goods because of the batteries used to make them work. However, there are other considerations, including timeliness and having the electronics arrive whole and in good working condition.

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