Options for Industrial Waste Management in Oklahoma


The environmental service industry is responsible for helping companies manage their industrial waste, recycling whenever possible, and meeting SPCC requirements every step of the way. Waste Management Oklahoma begins with proper storage, disposal and safety precautions. Many companies are equipped to handle the task, so you have options regarding services and expectations. You want to work with a company that can meet your needs with highly trained technicians and consultants.

A company that can provide maintenance and clean up spills will need to be on call 24/7 without being cost prohibitive. Oil caddies, pumps and alarms should be added to any storage containers used. These are safety features that help reduce the potential for spills and workplace accidents. Alarms will alert you to any leaks or containment breeches that could be hazardous and lead to injury and equipment damage. Adding these safety measures will save you time and money in the overall operations budget of your business, so any up front expense is well worth it.

Complete storage services should include storage tanks for used oil and anti-freeze. Used filter storage is essential, as is secondary containment. Above ground storage tanks that are specific to your needs are available, so find that company that can provide all the storage options necessary for your business to operate in a safe, efficient manner. Waste Management services Oklahoma companies are required to meet all SPCC regulations, and should be able to indicate that through work performance, compliance records, and references. Make sure all your questions involving state and federal compliance are answered to your complete satisfaction before selecting the company you hire to provide waste management services.

Disposal options include thermal destruction and secure chemical landfills which are complicated and expensive processes. Recycling is an important part of managing waste and needs to be included as common practice in any company’s services. This will reduce the need for disposal and save money on services and save money in the future on new materials and supplies. Recycled fuels are good for the environment in general and less expensive to purchase. Go to ORI Environmental for more information on the disposal options and the recycling benefits for your business.