Options for Cheap Car Insurance in Las Vegas, NV


If you live in Nevada and own a car, the law requires you to carry at least liability insurance. With the economy being what it is, finding insurance you can afford is a priority. Luckily, cheap car insurance is available for Las Vegas residents.

There are many insurance companies offering cheap car insurance in Las Vegas, NV. Some advertise for rates as low as $1 a day. Even if you are considered a high risk driver with multiple points on your record or an inexperienced teen driver, there are still plenty of discounted plans available to you.

Inexpensive policies can be those that cover just the minimum amount required by law. They may also be those including discounts for customers who have multiple policies through one company. Discounts for safe drivers with clean records are common, as are discounts for teen drivers who stay on the honor roll at school. Some companies even offer discounts through the life of your policy just for getting a car insurance quote online. If you are the type of driver who only puts a very limited amount of miles on your car each year, special discounts are offered for you too.

Multiple options for payment plans can make all the difference when you are on a budget. Options exist with Las Vegas insurance companies for you to pay on the day of the month that works best for you. Some companies offer a “pay what you can afford” plan where you can adjust your payment when needed without the worry of having your policy canceled.

Convenience is key. Las Vegas insurance companies are flexible about how payments are made. Many accept PayPal, credit cards, e-checks and payments by Money Gram.

You can find cheap insurance through nationally-known insurance companies and small, private companies. Free quotes are quick and easy to get online. Many sites will show you comparisons from other companies as well as from their own. While auto insurance is a hassle, it is the law. Without insurance coverage your registration is invalid. The cost of getting caught without insurance is much higher than what a reasonable insurance policy will be.