Options for Divorce in Columbus OH

Family Law Attorney

Ohio law allows married couples to get divorced without assigning fault to one spouse or the other. No-fault divorce, or dissolution of marriage, makes it easier for couples who no longer want to be married to sever their ties and move on with their lives. The process can be even easier if the spouses are able to agree on the terms of their divorce without litigation. Couples who can agree on the issues have a few different options for Divorce in Columbus OH.

The first option is to file for divorce without the assistance of an attorney. The couple can file a petition with the domestic relations court in the county where they live and wait for the court to issue their divorce decree. Couples who choose this option should be sure that their settlement agreement accounts for all of the marital property. It may be beneficial for each spouse to have a lawyer review the documents before they are filed to ensure their rights are protected in the divorce agreement. Once the judge signs the final decree, it is unlikely they will revisit it.

Another option for couples who are able to agree on most of the important issues is to negotiate an uncontested divorce with the help of attorneys. Divorce lawyers are skilled at negotiating, and can often help clients understand the laws that apply to their situation. When a couple is able to agree on child custody and property division issues, lawyers may be able to help them resolve other matters so the divorce can be filed as uncontested and settled quickly.

Couples who want their Divorce in Columbus OH to stay out of domestic relations court may have the option of using a private judge. A lawyer can arrange a meeting with a retired family court judge who can sign the required documents in private. Many people prefer this option because it is more convenient. Private divorce judges will meet with couples at a location convenient for them, such as their office or their attorney’s office. Long waits at the courthouse are not necessary when a private judge is used. Visit Facebook Page for more updates.