Online Providers of Electrodes for All Medical Use-Cases and Applications


Electrodes are an essential component of electrocardiogram testing procedures and patient monitoring. They function according to a silver conductor with a thin coating of silver chloride and a surrounding gel containing silver chloride, potassium or other applicable material.

Electrodes come in many sizes and packaging types and with a variety of backings and adhesive strengths. Locating the correct electrode may seem daunting, but online medical supply stores with a comprehensive catalog provide options for locating the ideal solution.

Products by Leading Manufacturers

A wide selection of medical electrodes by leading manufacturers gives medical professionals options for finding the functionality and quality they and their patients demand. The types of product designs vary according to their operational efficiency in relevant procedures. These applications can be resting ECG, stress testing or long or short-term monitoring.

Leading manufacturers include:

• Philips

• Welch Allyn

• 3M

• Ambu

• Conmed

• Vermed

• Meditrace

• Phillips

• Vyaire

• Kendall/Covidien

• 3M Red Dot

Electrode Designs for Any Use-Case Scenario

Online providers of medical electrodes offer a comprehensive list of high-value and high-quality electrode products. These include ECG electrodes, foam electrodes, monitoring electrodes and disposable electrodes.

Relevant products also include latex-free and hypoallergenic designs for individual patient circumstances. Reusable and multi-use electrodes are also valid options for single patients, and dry electrodes are specific use-cases in wireless systems for remote monitoring.

The right electrode depends on the use case, and an online carrier of quality materials by leading manufacturers will be able to provide relevant advice.