Online Hiring: Casting a Wider Net

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Online job applications and online hiring help make the process of staffing any enterprise easier. Certain types of businesses have major turn over at some of their positions. Restaurants have massive turnover at their wait staff and lower positions. Waiters and waitresses don’t get paid a lot, and the job mostly appeals to the young, or people who only want partial employment. Now there are professional full time wait staff members, and they are of great importance to any restaurant, however, they don’t make up enough of the wait staff or potential wait staff for every restaurant to be staffed entirely by people intend to keep the job for a long time. The tendency of wait staff employees to be people with no long term aspirations for the job produces the side effect that many of them don’t put in a full effort.

The upshot of it all is that there are a lot of reasons why there is high turnover at wait staff positions. This means that it’s harder to staff and fill all the positions you need for a food service company. Relying on paper applications creates a lot of paperwork, and adds an extra step to someone getting an application in. The paperwork can be easily lost, and more companies are using paperless methods. Online hiring makes you more competitive, the easier it is for people to find, and apply to work with you the bigger the pool of applicants you can get. When you have more people to pick through, and with digital methods you can more easily sort through them, you have a better chance of finding a good employee.

Sometimes sample size matters more than you would expect. Having a lot of people to pick from, and having more easily sorted applications means that even if you’re not creating a method that will bring in a higher average level of education and competence, for a job you stand a better chance of finding good people. It’s always easier to train people with some experience. The less time you have to explain how to write orders to a waiter, or how to handle the basics of the job, the less time is lost. Online hiring doesn’t make each individual applicant better, but it does make it easier to draw in a larger sample size. With a company that has multiple locations within the same area, online hiring also makes it easier to pool applicants so that they can be offered jobs at other venues that need them more. Online hiring can make a lot of aspects of hiring and staffing easier and more effective.

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