Offsite Repairs Save Time And Money

Construction and Maintenance

If you are in business then you will have assets, depending on the type of business the assets of course will be different. Sooner or later almost everything will need repair; this is especially true of heavy equipment and equipment used in an industrial environment. A typical asset for a machine shop or garage for example will be a hoist, this may be hand operated, pneumatic or electric, it may use chain or wire rope but it is a hoist and eventually it will fail and hoist repair becomes a necessity.

When any piece of equipment breaks down and requires repair, the owner has two choices; either do the repair in-house or send it out to a specialist repair facility.

Making any repair requires at minimum two things; repair parts and skilled repairmen. Depending on the equipment it may also be necessary to have very expensive and sophisticated instruments for calibration and trouble shooting. In-house repair can often be done when the equipment is simple and the repair is obvious, but with modern equipment becoming more sophisticated all the time, simple is really a word that is not heard often these days.

When a machine, whether manual, electric or pneumatic fails the owner will rarely have the spare parts required on hand. The search for the parts will begin but often it may take considerable time to find the part and to find it in stock somewhere. All of this leads to delays and in many cases the equipment is important and without it, productivity will falter.

The absence of repair parts is rarely a problem with those companies that do hoist repair in their facilities after having either picked it up from the customer or having it delivered to the shop. This is doubly true if the off-site facility specializes in the specific brand and is authorized by the original equipment manufacturer to make repairs on their behalf.

The same holds true with skills. A general repairman in a shop or on site will rarely be sufficiently knowledgeable in all the equipment to make repairs quickly, efficiently and to ensure the job results in a piece of equipment which is returned to service completely safe for use. The service personnel at off-site facilities are often factory trained and know exactly how to make the repair.