Obituaries in Port Jefferson, NY Are Not The Only Memorials Offered by Funeral Homes

Funeral Services

Most of us never think about the funeral industry until we need to make arrangements; so is is common to underestimate how many ways professionals memorialize our loved ones. We may think that an obituary is the only way that they are honored. However, in addition to helping survivors create elegant Obituaries in Port Jefferson, NY, professionals commemorate the deceased in ways that include:

  SERVICES: Funeral professionals are not just trained to take care of the technical details involved in making arrangements. They are also compassionate, and work with families, to make sure that loved ones’ wishes are honored. Professionals are highly creative, and will help design lasting tributes that can range from moving viewings and services, to cremations that allow survivors to scatter ashes in meaningful places.

  ASSISTING FAMILIES: Part of honoring the dead is caring for their families, and the professionals at Bryant Funeral Home, Inc. do this in several ways. They help families complete paperwork that entitles them to benefits, and Veterans’ funerals. Professionals ensure that these services include military honors, and that families are presented with flags. They can help with grief counseling as well.

*   TRIBUTES: When families have specific requests for the best Obituaries in Port Jefferson, NY, funeral directors ensure that they appear in every media that is requested, in a timely manner. They also help survivors create memorial items, including programs and memorial jewelry, plaques, stones, angels, and more. Many also assist mourners to create tribute websites that honor their loved ones. They can provide specially-designed memorial gifts for children.

*   SPECIAL TRIBUTES: Professionals help help families who want to pay special tribute to a member of the Armed Services. They can help them choose and order display cases for their flags, unique photo frames with service person prayers, tear of hope pendants, and even uniform display cases. In addition, funeral directors can help mourners order memorial trees and seedlings that can be planted in honor of the deceased.

Although funeral directors do create obituaries to honor the dead, they also help mourners pay tribute in a variety of other ways, including memorial jewelry, special services, and family assistance.

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