Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help You Protect Loved Ones


The question of how to care for an aging parent is one that must be frequently answered by residents of San Antonio, as well as people who live elsewhere. Although residential care facilities are popular options, the level of treatment at some establishments can be neglectful.

Fortunately, if you suspect someone you love is being mistreated, help is available from nursing home abuse attorneys. San Antonio legal experts can review the factors of your situation and help build a strong case.

Nursing Home Abuse Comes in Many Forms

When people think about what kinds of behaviors are considered abusive, physical mistreatment often immediately comes to mind. Although forced restraint methods can cause visible signs of abuse such as bruising, it’s necessary to view things with a broader perspective, too. During meetings with San Antonio nursing home abuse attorneys, San Antonio clients often learn that abuse can also occur through psychological means, or even happen if a person is intentionally given an excessive dose of a sedative to cause complacency.

You Have the Right to File a Nursing Home Abuse Complaint

Before getting advice from nursing home abuse attorneys, San Antonio residents may suspect something is amiss with the care of their loved ones, but not know what to do. A lawyer can explain your rights, including that you can file a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities. Before that, it’s always worthwhile to reach out to the manager at a nursing home to express concerns.

Just because a relative may show one or more signs of nursing home neglect does not necessarily mean he or she is being mistreated. However, it does warrant an investigation, and your attorney can guide you through the process.

Keep Track of All Correspondence with the Nursing Home

It’s extremely important to keep detailed records of all communication you have with representatives from the nursing home. Furthermore, make sure to carefully document any possible abuse symptoms, including the dates you noticed them.

The more data you can collect, the easier it’ll be to build a case with the assistance of nursing home attorneys. San Antonio residents who live in assisted care facilities often depend on proactive relatives to look out for their best interests. Don’t delay getting help from a legal professional if you think someone you love is being abused.

Law Office of Jesse Hernandez is a strong resource for people seeking nursing home attorneys. San Antonio clients, and those in nearby communities, depend on the experienced legal team to help them file claims after loved ones have been allegedly mistreated.