No One Tire To Suit All Positions On A Truck


Unlike car and light truck tires, there is no such thing as a common tire for all positions. The tires for a large tractor-trailer “rig” are different for different tasks. Steering tires influence vehicle handling and ride, drive tires to ensure maximum traction on different road surfaces and trailer tires must withstand high lateral and braking forces as well as carry thousands of pounds of load.

There are truck tires in Chicago that are suitable for all three positions. Unfortunately, heavy tractor-trailers have to operate in every conceivable environment, as such all-position tires may work, but usually only for an identifiable number of trucks in the fleet that only operate in close to ideal conditions.

Position specific truck tires:

The greatest majority of trucks in a fleet operate in unpredictable conditions; some trucks are used for in-city deliveries, others are only used regionally while others run long-haul routes that can encounter blazing heat and snow during the same trip. Fleet operators know that a diverse range of operating conditions is best dealt with using specific position truck tires in Chicago.

All-position tires are acceptable when the road surface is predictable, and fuel costs are a concern. All-position tires have a reasonably low rolling resistance than do conventional drive and trailer tires.

Axle power:

A real concern in choosing truck tires in Chicago is axel power. The forces that are applied to tires is different depending upon where the tire is located on the truck; this has a genuine bearing on the type of tire that is installed. Modern tractors are extremely powerful; some truck engines produce upwards of 500 HP and a great deal of torque, every bit of which passes through the drive tires. It is easy to see why drive tires are those that fail first.

The tire experts at Wilrae Inc. can provide the right tire, regardless of its intended position on your rig. Wilrae Inc. can fit your truck with tires from all major manufacturers.