No Need to Live with Moles

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Moles can be frustrating to live with especially when you are trying to shave. If you have a mole on your body it is next to impossible to not nick it and start bleeding. Fortunately, it isn’t a problem you have to just live with. You can find professionals that offer mole removal in St Louis, MO Area.

Most Moles Are Benign, but Not All of Them

If you have a mole or birthmark the chances are pretty good that it is benign. They are nothing more than a pigmentation on your skin that results in spots or patches. The problem is that even though a birthmark or mole may start off benign that doesn’t guarantee it will always be so. They do have the ability to change into a cancerous growth. If you have a mole with one of the following symptoms it is important to have it examined immediately.

  • Six millimeters or larger
  • Bleeds or itches
  • Changing either color, size or shape rapidly
  • It is somewhere on your body that you can’t easily monitor yourself

You Have Options When It Comes to Mole Removal

Depending on the properties on the birthmark there are many different treatments available. Once a board-certified dermatologist has examined it for depth, location and color and factored in things like your skin type and age, they can devise a treatment option for you. This could range from laser or pulsed light therapy, microdermabrasion or surgical excision.

Have a Professional Look at It

West County Dermatology has years of experience in dealing with many different kinds of skin issues. Their training and use of the most up to date medical procedures and equipment combine to offer their clients a way to take care of whatever skin issue they are facing. Contact them today and allow them to put their skills to use to help you.