No Hot Water? A Plumber can Fix a Gas Water Heater in Westchester County, NY


It’s frustrating for a busy parent to go to bathe their toddler and there’s no hot water. They have to have to call a plumbing contractor to check out the Gas Water Heater in Westchester County NY. As soon as the technician arrives, he will scan water heater to see if it’s leaking. That’s usually a sign that the inside of the water tank has rusted out and needs to be replaced. However, it can also mean that one of the hoses is leaking as well. The technician inspects each of the connections to ensure they are tight and secure.

Often the gas pilot is out. This can be because of a loose or worn out thermocouple. The thermocouple is responsible for shutting off the gas if the pilot goes out. A faulty thermocouple can shut off the gas even if the pilot is working. If the thermocouple is fine then the gas pilot probably needs to be replaced. These are both common problems and there’s a good chance that the technician has them in their repair van. In less than an hour, the water heater will be working again.

When a Gas Water Heater in Westchester County NY is working properly, the dip tub takes cold water and releases it at the bottom of the tank. This pushes the hot water up to the top, where it is available to be transported to bathtubs and sinks. If the dip tube is loose or leaking then cold water is released too high in the tank. It mixes with the hot water and cools it down. This is another simple repair that can be easily completed.

Sometimes a Gas Water Heater Systems in Westchester County NY can scare homeowners, because it’s making a strange popping noise. They still have hot water, but they would like to have a quieter water heater. When the plumber arrives, he tells them there is sediment in the bottom of the tank. It joins forces with hot water to overheat the bottom of the water tank. This causes the water to boil and knock around the sediment. The plumber will flush the tank to solve the problem.

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