Need Urgent Medical Care? A Hospital in Dexter, MO Can Provide It

Health Care

It’s often necessary for a patient to see several doctors to deal with a single medical condition. For a sick or injured person, it can be exhausting to travel to several locations to be treated. It can also be frustrating to coordinate the paperwork between several offices. The Missouri Delta Medical Center can provide first class medical care to patients, while alleviating these issues. Patients can opt to be treated at a Hospital in Dexter, MO or at one of the several urgent care centers. The center employs 85 doctors in 25 different medical specialties.

If a patient needs emergency services they can arrive at the hospital or at the urgent care center. Patients who need to see a doctor quickly, but aren’t in immediate danger might choose Express Care. There is a diagnostic and imaging center available to help doctors and nurses in these venues arrive at the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients will have access to modern x-rays, MRIs and CAT scans. If surgery is called for, surgical services is able to handle many different procedures quickly. Rehabilitation and physical therapy will help get the patient moving as soon as possible. If the surgical procedure left the patient with a complex wound, the wound and hyperbaric facility will help them heal as quickly as possible.

The Hospital in Dexter, MO also acknowledges the special health concerns that women have at every stage of their life. They can receive prenatal care and make use of the labor and delivery services. The newborn baby nursery is a secure location that guarantees a baby’s safety and security. Healthy babies get a could start in life and sick babies are given the best treatment and care available. If a young child needs to be treated in the hospital, there is a special pediatric unit available.

Women may contact doctors for special concerns such as infertility, family planning, and routine gynecological services. As they age they will also be able to have bone density scans. If they find out that they have breast cancer. A compassionate and qualified staff is ready to help them.