Although having a disability lawyer is not required, having one represent you in a disability hearing in Chicago may be the difference between being granted benefits and not. A claimant that is represented by a lawyer is twice as likely to be granted benefits as one that goes it alone.

About 70 percent of all claims for disability benefits are denied. You have the right to appeal the decision. If your request for reconsideration also results in denial of benefits, you can request a hearing with an administrative law judge. It is at this time that a disability lawyer can be a valuable asset. During the hearing, you will be asked to support your claim with medical evidence as well as testimony from witnesses.

How Can a Disability Lawyer Help?

The ALJ will want to see complete, up to date medical records. If the records you have are incomplete or contain inconsistencies, your claim may be denied. Your disability lawyer will gather all your current medical records and submit them to the court at the right time. Before the records are submitted, your lawyer will review them to ensure they are complete, including test results and supporting documentation.

Although the hearing is quite casual, chances are you may be nervous, which may lead you to make mistakes. A seasoned disability lawyer will have taken many clients in Chicago through this process. As such, he or she knows what to expect. Knowing what to anticipate in advance can help ease any fears you may have.

Your lawyer, based on years of experience, knows what to expect in the way of questions the judge is most likely to ask. Your lawyer can tutor you, asking mock questions, and help you with your answers.

If you have been denied Social Security benefits, a disability lawyer can help you with your appeal. Contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd in Chicago. Visit and request a free case evaluation.