Need Someone To Care For Your Pet While You Are Away? Pros And Cons Of Family Care And Dog Boarding Kennels In Bowie


Going on vacation or for an extended trip for work can be a hassle if you have pets. You want to make sure that your pets are well cared for and that they will be safe and comfortable while you are away. For extended pet care, you typically will have a choice to ask a friend or family member watch them, or place them with Dog Boarding Kenneles in Bowie. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both of these choices. For help deciding on where to place your pets, consider the following:

Friends And Family Are Familiar For Your Pet

It is likely that your close friends and family have already met your pets and know about their quirks, likes, and dislikes pretty well. Having someone like this watch them is good for your pet because it is a very subtle change in surroundings and routine, so they are less likely to get upset. Many dog boarding facilities keep pets in kennel areas for most of the day for their safety and because there are so many other pets being boarded there, so they do not have as much human interaction as they may be used to. Some pets can become temporarily depressed or upset when they are put into this kind of environment. Having someone your know care for them makes sure your pet does not have to go through this distress.

Kennels Offer Professional Care

While some pets may be a little upset and you will have to pay more to keep them here, Dog Boarding Kennels in Bowie have a professionally trained staff to care for them. This means that they are able to effectively handle any type of emergency, accident, or other issue with your pet, and have a fast connection to a quality Gambrills Veterinary Center if anything goes wrong. They also tend to offer services such as grooming so your pet is fresh and clean when you return.

If your pet has special needs that you are not sure friends and family can handle, a kennel is likely the best option for you. However, if your pet has anxiety and you will only be gone for a few days, it is best to have them stay with someone familiar instead. Consider your pet’s personality and medical needs when you make your final decision.