Why You Need Professional Duct Cleaning in Schenectady Homes

Construction and Maintenance

Most of us take our efficient air conditioning and heating systems for granted. They cool and heat almost invisibly. However, they could also be causing problems for us, as they circulate pollutants into our rooms. The problem is easy to resolve, with professional Duct cleaning in Schenectady homes. You might benefit from this important service if:

1. YOU JUST BUILT YOUR HOME: Believe it or not, the air ducts in a brand-new home can spread pollution very quickly. That is because they are often filled with the dust, debris, and toxins left over from construction. Before homeowners move in, it is a wise idea to schedule a professional Duct cleaning in Schenectady homes.

2. YOU HAD WATER OR FIRE DAMAGE: When your home has been damaged by fire, there could be remnants of soot, smoke, or toxins remaining. Fire damage professionals, such as Business Name, will completely clean and sanitize your home. They will then routinely clean the air ducts as well, to avoid re-contaminating your home. Water damage, due a flood, fire, or plumbing problem, can result in fast growing mold and mildew. These growths quickly spread spores throughout your air conditioning and heating system, if left untreated. Professionals will typically find, remove, and treat mold and mildew, including any they find in air ducts.

3. YOUR HOME IS OLDER: Over time dust mites, pet dander, pollen, chemicals, and other irritants can accumulate in your home. Today’s homes are very well insulated, which tends to trap these pollutants. The EPA has identified this problem as indoor pollution. It is made worse when air ducts circulate pollutants, and degrade the air you breathe. Experts can clean your duct system, and remove years of build up. They will improve your home’s air quality, which can be especially helpful for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Modern HVAC systems are so efficient that we may not realize they are actually spreading irritants as they heat and cool. However, carefully trained technicians can clean home air ducts, to remove pollutants and improve home air quality. These services are valuable for homes that are newly built, older, or have had water or fire damage.