Need A Loan, Or Cash Or Want To Go Shopping, Then Visit One Of The Pawn Shops in Detroit


When you have unused valuables laying around the house, why not pawn or sell them? Instead of letting your son’s trumpet gather dust, or your out-dated jewelry sit idle sell them, to one of the Pawn Shops in Detroit. You can pawn or sell your old electronics, musical instruments, and the gold or silver jewelry your ex-boyfriend gave to you. With the cash you earn, you can pay off bills, buy new jewelry or browse through the pawn shop.

When you are short of cash and have little credit, your old engagement ring or electric guitar can be used as collateral for a loan, at a pawn shop. Some Pawn Shops in Detroit require an appointment to evaluate and appraise your item. C & L Exchange does not require an appointment and welcomes walk-ins. Once the pawnbroker has established a value for your item, they establish an interest rate and the length of the loan. If you agree with their terms, you sign the papers, hand over your old jewelry and walk out with the cash you need. The broker in turn, agrees to not sell your guitar until you pay off the loan, or fail to make the due date for reimbursement. If you break the terms of the loan, the broker then becomes the owner of your item and can sell it for whatever price they deem reasonable. Of course, you can also decide to simply sell your item to the pawnbroker, leave with the cash and they put it up for sale when you leave the building.

Pawn Shops in Detroit are great places to shop for antique jewelry or engagement rings, heirloom and one of a kind pieces. If you have a child that wants to learn to play a musical instrument, why pay full price for a new flute? You can buy a slightly used flute at a much lower cost and when they decide they wanted to play the trumpet instead, you will not have invested a serious amount of money for nothing. If you are looking for a flat screen television, laptop or desktop computer, you may find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a loan, want to sell something or want to go shopping, there is a pawn shop in Detroit waiting for you.

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